5 best beetroot lip balms for dry lips


Lips are vulnerable areas that need some extra tender, love and caring. Here are 5 best beetroot lip balms in India that you must buy.

Winter comes with dryness in the air. We take great pleasure in moisturising our skin and body, but we frequently forget about our lips. Lips are especially vulnerable to dehydration in cold and dry conditions because of their thin skin. Dry, cracked, and chapped lips result from a weakened epidermal barrier. A moisturising lip balm helps to provide moisture to your lips. If you are looking for natural products to moisturise your lips, you can try beetroot lip balm. We have created a list of the best beetroot lip balms for you.

Nothing beats the power of natural substances when it comes to skincare. Our beloved kitchen’s wonder ingredient, beetroot, has so many amazing benefits. The beetroot lip balm softens rough skin, hydrates dry lips, and provides long-lasting moisture. Beetroot lip butter adds a rich layer of colour to lips.

5 best beetroot lip balms for naturally nourished lips

Lip balms provide moisture to the sensitive skin of your lips. Take a look at these best beetroot lip balms.

1. Nat Habit Lip Balm Fresh Beetroot Crush

This lip balm gives your lips intense hydration and care because it contains nourishing butter and real beetroot. It offers a delicate, organic hue that enhances your natural attractiveness by giving your lips a hint of colour. Beetroot contains antioxidants that protect your lips from environmental stressors, keeping them healthy and young.

2. Nourish Mantra Beetroot Blast Lip Balm with SPF

The moisturising ingredients in this beetroot lip balm include beetroot extracts, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and avocado oil. To prevent additional harm, this lip balm claims to form a protective layer around the lips that will help restore moisture. Your lips are conditioned and protected from UV rays with this SPF lip balm. It offers intense moisture and prevents lips from drying out.

3. Khadi Pureus Herbals Madhuadhar Beetroot Tinted Lip Balm

This lip balm has a blend of several nutrients, such as shea butter, almond oil, and beetroot extract, that nourish dry, chapped lips and mend the fissures. It claims to hydrate and moisturise your lips while giving them the ideal colour. It will also help brighten your lips.

4. Aegte Organics Beetroot Lip and Cheek Tint

This all-natural lip and cheek moisturiser will nourish your lips and cheeks! For a natural flush, this lip balm melts and blends into the skin with ease. Rich in natural ingredients, its creamy consistency lightens and moisturises lips and cheeks. It successfully treats chapped lips, dark circles under the eyes, and dryness of the skin, resulting in softer, more radiant skin. It also helps treat moles, pimples, and acne on the lips, as well as lighten dark lips.

5. Vedicherbs Beetroot Lip Balm with Natural Beetroot Extract

This lip balm helps you to retain pink lips while providing moisture and nourishment to your lips. It also aids in dealing with dry and chapped lips. When you apply it to your lips before bed, the results appear quickly.

What are the benefits of beetroot for lips?

  • Beetroot is high in vitamin C. One such amazing element that evens out the tone and brightens your lips.
  • By eliminating dark patches from your lips, beetroot helps them look brighter.
  • Beetroot is a fantastic source of nutrition for your lips. It is an all-natural lip moisturiser that helps repair cracked and dry lips.
  • Beetroot contains anti-aging properties, which also helps to minimise lip wrinkles, making your lips appear younger.

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